A surreal odyssey. Siblings flee from a city destroyed by plague into a wild forest. Can they escape taboo breaking animals and sugar coated enemies as strange temptations strain  their unusual bond? 

A dystopian fairy tale with an original score and a backdrop of picture book shadows.


"100% unmissable! ...a work of visionary excellence...an outstanding piece of theatre...I urge you, no I demand that you go and see this for yourself...you will never have seen anything like this and probably will never see anything that could come even close to comparing. It's brilliant. See it now."


Fringe Review


"The performance is startlingly innovative, creating an imaginary world that depicts the very real experience of adolescent awakening and the subsequent transition to adulthood... this complex performance about youth’s thirst of curiosity has the feel of a Tim Burton film."


FEST Magazine


"Pure unadulterated madness...a hot-pot of creative ideas stirred with a 'Hansel and Gretel' based storyline. Interesting characters and absurdist action...enjoyable to watch."

Three Weeks Magazine


"Long may they stretch the boundaries of expectation and continue to surprise and delight."

Robbie Carnegie, Buxton Reviewer


"Strong imagery and a sense of fun...a real triumph of imagination... If they keep faithful to this path of invention and the surreal they could go far."

The Stage