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Nicholas wants to feel fear. People can tell that something is missing in him. After a violent accident he accepts the help of charming stranger, Mr Bacon, who takes him under his wing, out of his small seaside town and into an enchanting and perilous world.

FAT CONTENT bring their signature surrealism to writer Anna Beecher's searing reimagining of the Grimm’s fairytale, The Boy Who Went Forth To Learn To Shudder, the story of a boy who can’t feel fear. Staring ‘talent to be reckoned with’ (Onstage New York) Daniel Holme, Skin of the Teeth, is a boldly physical one man show from Lecoq trained director Rachel Lincoln, taking an unflinching look at fear, fearlessness and the manipulation of young men. 


Best New Writing Nomination - anna beecher

Buxton Fringe

Best Actor Award - daniel holme

Buxton Fringe

Photography by Richard Davenport

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